¨Y¨ Sediment Strainers

Fluid control device used to screen out sediment from process fluids. Available with an optional clean out valve to flush accumulated solids out of the strainer port. Features a transparent body that can be used to inspect screen condition.

Basket Strainers

An official definition adopted by the Fluid Controls Institute is: “A closed vessel with cleanable screen element designed to remove and retain foreign particles down to 0.001 inch diameter from various flowing fluids.

Bag Filters

Our thermoplastic industrial bag filters designed for the most challenging corrosive applications and services.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are simple, modular filters that are inserted into a housing and can be used to remove particles, or sometime chemicals, from the water.

Sand Filters

The LS Series Aquatic Sand Filter comes in 31 in. and 36 in. spherical design. It is ideal for sensitive aquatic environments or salt water systems due to its corrosion resistant housing and base. The LS Series features all hardware in 316 Stainless Steel, including the pressure gauge. The sand filter comes without the multiport valve, which must be ordered separately.